How To Make Grubby Candles


How To Make Grubby Candles

Grubby Candles are also known as cake candles, whipped candles and country candles. These textured candles were named to simulate yummy, fresh from the oven food cakes. The candles are shaped like cakes with whipped wax to look like icing. You can also make snowball candles, snowmen, textured stars and hearts.


Candle Making Equipment:

1. Double Boiler

2. Finish Pillar or Votive Candle

3. Heat Source

4. Baking Soda

5. Fork- to whip the wax

6. Griddle Pan - Level off the bottom

7. Wax -Pillar or votive

8. Tin Foil

1. Cover and protect the surrounding area with tin foil. This style of candle making can be very messy. The wax will easily come off the foil.

2. Place the unmelted wax into the double boiler. Melt the wax down to the desired, required temperature and add your dye and fragrance oil(FO). Make sure the pillar or votive can fit into the double boiler.

3. Take the melted wax off of the heat source.

4. Let the wax cool down enough to form a thin layer on the top, sides and bottom.

5. Take the fork and scrape the layers off the top, sides and bottom. Continue this procedure until the wax starts looking like scrambles eggs.

6. Once the scrambled egg look is achieved submerse your pillar or votive into the whipped wax. Take a hold of the wick and spoon the wax on top of the pillar or votive. Make sure the entire pillar or votive is covered.

7. Let the pillar or votive stay in the wax for at least 30 seconds. This allows the grubbied wax to adhere to the pillar or votive.

8. Take the pillar or votive out of the wax. Knock off any loose and extra wax to form the wanted shape. Place the pillar or votive base on top of a heated griddle pan to level out the bottom.

9. Finishing the grubby pillar or votive. The pillar or votive can either stay this way or it can be taken a step further. I personally remelt the wax and dip the pillar or votive back in. I like the soft textured look. Also, the pillar or votive can be embellished with drizzled wax, glitter, cinnamon, cocoa and beads. Always keep in mind the flammability of certain embellishing products.

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