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Discover an easy way to INCREASE your candle and soap sales with our silicone candle and soap molds.

  • Are you looking for original silicone mold designs?
  • Are you looking to make a lot of money in an efficient amount of time?

If you had answered yes to any of these questions, relief is around the corner. In the next couple of minutes I will tell you what can give you original candle and soap designs, are easy to use, and makes a lot of product in one pouring. Also, as added benefit you can gain more free time with your family.

I know how it feels to bust hump, working all hours of the day and night trying to get orders out. I know how it feels to want original candle and soaps that separate you from the rest of your competitors. My hands know exactly how it feels to work with difficult, inflexible molds.

What is your worst case scenario? Tired and hurt hands?? You blend in with the rest of the competition?? Pray that the wax cools down fast enough to pour in another 10 minutes to make more product?

The primary reason that some of you are working at home is to gain flexibility with your family and earn some income. Now your business that is suppose to give you that freedom has actually made time tricky. Between producing small amounts of product and using difficult molds, time for you and your family is out the door.

You can regain your time, hands and product line with French Hill Country Candle And Soap Silicone Molds.

Benefits of French Hill Country Molds:

  1. Flexible and easy to use
  2. Detailed designs
  3. Original designs
  4. A lot of product is made in an efficient amount of time
  5. More freedom and save money with competitive prices.

New molds are constantly added. Your satisfaction is my priority! Enjoy our wide selection of products and shop with confidence. We accept Visa and MasterCard.

Buyers can sell the wax or soap products you make with the molds. Buyers may not reproduce prototypes for resale in mold making.

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customer testimonial
customer testimonial

Customer Comments

I love French Hill Country's molds. They are the best quality molds I have found at a reasonable price. I have tried several other mold makers, only to be disappointed by how long the molds will last. I have been using French Hill Country's molds for over 4 years and the molds are still in excellent condition after hundreds of pours. Dawn is just wonderful to work with. I can ask for custom made molds and she delivers every time and exceeds my expectations. She really knows my style! It's wonderful to know I can count on French Hill Country!

Michelle Murray